How did you get on answering the questions?

More and more people are paying attention to their intuition – what their gut and heart are “telling them” – and living a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

Both heart and mind have a huge influence on how we think, feel and behave, but as the above statements suggest, these two are often in conflict and we suffer the consequences as a result…

It doesn’t’ have to be that way. Stressing less and living well is not Beyond reach.

Our hearts, quite literally, have a mind of their own – scientifically proven by a range of studies, and in particularly the research of the Heartmath institute. Our “heart intelligence” impacts greatly on our thinking, feelings and ultimately how our behaviour = towards ourselves and others in our personal and professional lives.

Your heart has a mind of it’s own…
And as a famous German Philosopher – Wilhelm Reich – once said:

"Every step of today is your life tomorrow"

So… if you want to make some different choices to stress less and live well and want to meet other people to reach Beyond, then take a look at the different events we organise:

?     Do you find yourself feeling more and more stress these days?

?     Noticing how it affects how you think and react to people and situations

?      And is it having a negative impact on your overall performance and enjoyment of work or everyday living?

Our heart rhythms directly affect our mental and physical performance and the HeartMath® institute and other research bodies are proving that it is possible to positively change our reactions to stress and boost our resilience.  Over time we can create a new “norm” to live well and to stress less

Join in this interactive 90 minute session and:

!     learn some of the science about how and why the Heartmath® techniques are effective

!     Practice some of the techniques and notice the impact for yourself

!     Leave informed and motivated to use the techniques before and during stressful times – “in the moment”, and enjoy life more

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Three different 3 hour workshops – each with you in mind!!

Bodytalk Essentials

learn to listen to your body and how you talk to yourself – “ignore at your peril” !!

practical ways to release tension and feel relaxed

know how to recharge your batteries – anytime, anywhere


“It’s the thought that counts…”

understand how your thoughts affect how you look and feel

challenge your assumptions and change how you think and feel better

discover ways to “switch off” your brain and give your mind a well-earned rest!

Stress less Live Well

recognise what stresses you out and it’s impact on everyday living

effective ways to harness the power of your heart, mind and emotions

transform your stress to boost your resilience and well-being




Ray Taylor runs the workshops and shares his knowledge of simple and effective tools for change with a stimulating an holistic approach to developing yourself.

AND then there is always COACHING!

If you are someone who would benefit from an individual one on one conversation to focus on changing and developing some new approaches to stressing less and living well, get in touch.

Our coaching approach – either on professional or personal matters – is to listen, question, question some more, and offer suggestions where relevant.

We include the tried and tested tools and techniques of HeartMath® that enable you to regulate your emotions and reactions IN THE MOMENT and not let stress hang around.

The intention is for people to leave our conversations with clearer thinking about the issues, and situations they are dealing with, and a range of ideas and actions on how to make a difference in, perhaps, simpler and more impactful ways.

And coaching sessions that are convenient to you – either face to face, phone or skype

Let’s have a free introductory conversation, and go from there.

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