The stresses and strains of everyday living can all too often get the better of us, leaving us feeling without energy, grumpy and really not enjoying life.

We develop habits that help us get through the day – habits by their very nature become unconscious behaviours which can keep us reacting in ways which may not be appropriate to the people or the situations we are faced with – ultimately stressing us out.

Making decisions to change and be less stressed, sometimes the head rules and sometimes the heart and quite often they are not in agreement, causing even more emotional turmoil. As the cartoon shows, how often do we say YES to other people and so end up saying NO to ourselves. Ouch…

So if you are looking to find different ways to reach Beyond, change your habitual responses and make some different choices that:

Transform your stress to give you energy

Recharge your batteries – anytime and anywhere

Boost your resilience to challenges and change

“Worry” less and smile more

then you have found the right place to be.

Our promise is to help you to bring heart + mind together in practical and useful ways – be it in your personal or professional life.

And when you do bring heart and mind together, nothing is Beyond reach!

Based in the north east of England, we work with people in Europe, the Nordics and the Middle East. Our services and support focus around personal and professional people development in three specific areas:

Leadership   Leading yourself and influencing others around you

Communication   Being coherent in how you talk positively to yourself and others to develop effective relationships

Personal Change   Bringing heart + mind together to live a healthy and happy life

At the heart of our consultancy is HeartMath®.

With over 30 years of research in the areas of health and well-being focussing on the heart, HearthMath® tools and techniques offer proven ways for each one of us to regulate our thoughts, feelings and behaviour that ultimately help us to transform our stress, perform well, and live in a balanced way.

The research, by both the HeartMath® Institute and other research bodies, have demonstrated that when our heart, brain and emotions are synchronised, this creates coherence that boosts our ability to deal effectively with the challenges and changes we face in our everyday lives.

“The heart has a mind of its own” and when using the practical and highly effective Heartmath® tools, we can experience a range of benefits, including:

So when we access our intuition – the intelligence of our heart, we have the possibility to change the way we react to people and situations, transform our stress and increase our sense of well-being.

In 1999, Ray Taylor moved from a successful career employed in Senior Training and Development roles in the Retail Sector, then as a founding Partner in a Retail Company – Visual Thinking specialising in Visual Merchandising and Brand Support and latterly as a Freelance Consultant and founded reach Beyond – be your best. Ray is a fluent french speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and a HeartMath® Certified Coach. Ray recently became a Psy-Tap Practitioner which offers fast and effective relief from anxiety, stress, trauma, additions and much more…. to improve emotional and physical health. With a focus on:

Programme and workshop design
Leadership and Team development
Collaboration with HR and Operations to develop learning events
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal communication
Facilitation of Executive Team Events
Executive Development: 1 – 1 and team coaching
Develop the skills, knowledge and mind-set of Trainers and Facilitators

Ray leads his team with 3 core values, which they bring to their work – whether with individuals or organisations:

Helping people to have clarity in what and how they communicate, to learn from their experiences and to have some “serious fun” on the way.

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